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Explore growth opportunities in Ontario’s dynamic agri-food sector, a significant player in North America. With a strong presence in annual sales and a multitude of business locations, Ontario offers a diverse landscape for food and beverage manufacturers. Take advantage of a well-established supply chain, innovative research and development initiatives, and global market access through strategic trade agreements. Ontario's dedication to innovation and sustainability sets the stage for your agri-food business to thrive.

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largest food cluster in North America in terms of employment.


agri-food exporter in Canada


in food exports


business locations make food and beverage products in in the province


farms growing over 200 inputs


people in Ontario work directly in the food processing sector

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Exploring Ontario’s diverse food production

Discover the vibrant culinary landscape of Ontario, where numerous food processing companies flourish across diverse urban and rural communities. From ingredient manufacturers to specialty importers, Ontario offers a wide array of food-related businesses. With over 200 distinct ethnic backgrounds contributing to its multicultural fabric, Ontario produces a rich variety of food products destined for global markets. The province's deep-rooted expertise in the food industry attracts both established global players and promising newcomers, reflecting its commitment to culinary excellence.

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Empower Agri-Food Endeavors in Ontario

Empower agri-food and beverage ventures with streamlined processes in Ontario, a cornerstone of thriving economies. Committed to cutting red tape, Ontario creates an environment ripe for global investment, industry expansion, and job creation. Explore how this provincial strategy, Grow Ontario, is dedicated to fortifying your plans, driving economic growth, ensuring a reliable food supply, and tackling sector challenges through innovative solutions. 

Drive Innovation through Sustainable Partnerships

Drive innovation and sustainability in your agri-food endeavors through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. This initiative offers vital cost-share funding to support your operations, whether you're a farmer, processor, business, or sector organization. By leveraging this support, you can implement transformative projects, driving growth and resilience across your agri-food landscape.

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Thanks to the continuous support of the Ontario government and to the strong commitment of the Ferrero Group, the Brantford production plant is taking another big step in our history. All these investments represent in an excellent way our industrial footprint, based on quality, innovation and efficiency. These projects enable us to create new jobs in our facility and externally through our suppliers and partners in Brantford and the surrounding area. 

We are very proud to be the first Ferrero plant outside Europe to process raw cocoa beans and to produce the brand-new Tic Tac Gum for North America!

Fabrizio Secco

Managing Director, Ferrero Canada Ltd.

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