Ontario was built on foundational industries; natural resources, manufacturing, farming and food production, that shaped a robust and resilient economy and set the stage for groundbreaking achievements in life sciences and cutting-edge advancements in technology. This fusion of industry and innovation makes Ontario a strong and dynamic economy where innovative businesses thrive.

Competitive Business Environment

Discover Ontario’s thriving business ecosystem, offering cost-effective operations, competitive labour costs, and seamless integration into the global supply chain. Positioned as the ideal choice for companies poised for growth, Ontario provides a solid foundation for sustained success.

Global Talent

Access a diverse, educated and high-calibre workforce, supported by world-renowned institutions. Ontario’s welcoming immigration policy and fast track visa program make it easier for businesses to attract the best talent in the world, here at home.

Economic and Political Stability

Businesses in Ontario can rely on a strong and democratic economy. Amidst market volatility and pressures facing global businesses today, Ontario is a jurisdiction you can count on.

Clean and Reliable Energy

Power your business in Ontario with clean, reliable energy and competitive rates for medium and large enterprises. Leverage Ontario’s progress, with nearly 90% of our energy sourced from renewable sources, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Quality Living

Explore vibrant cities and tranquil landscapes while accessing word-class education, healthcare and greenspace. Ontario’s diversity offers cultural experiences, accessible services, and vibrant communities to explore making it a top choice for your team to live and work. 

A measurable difference


of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies are conducting clinical trials in Ontario


Home to North America’s second most concentrated technology cluster next to Silicon Valley


largest auto producer in North America after Michigan


Access to U.S. and international markets with 14 border crossings and 50 trade agreements


Almost 90% of Ontario’s electricity sourced from clean sources


Best educated jurisdiction of OECD countries with 70,000 STEM graduates every year

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