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largest vehicle producing jurisdiction in North America


of the top global landing gear companies


advanced manufacturing firms


manufacturing workers


Cleantech sector in Canada in terms of employment, exports and GDP contribution


top global chemical companies operate in Ontario


Be part of Ontario’s century-long excellence in automotive manufacturing. Leading the way in the EV transition, Ontario is where top-tier vehicle assemblers, parts manufacturers, and research centres build the future of mobility. Strategically located to meet global client needs, Ontario is the ideal destination to grow your operations.


Develop and build cutting-edge aerospace solutions in Ontario. Surrounded by global leaders and local experts, Ontario is a leading hub for aviation parts manufacturing and innovative services, ensuring your operations here align seamlessly with the global aerospace supply chain. Leverage partnerships with world-class R&D centres to drive innovation and commercialize solutions that propel your success. 

Advanced materials and chemicals

Explore Ontario's chemical manufacturing sector, with renowned industry giants like BASF, Dupont, Dow, and Greenfield driving over $21 billion in shipments and employing over 27,000 individuals across 800+ sites. Ontario leads in bio-succinic acid production and biofuel innovation, leveraging diverse biomass and robust infrastructure. Collaborations with academia and incentives fuel research and development, establishing Ontario as a global leader in biotech solutions.

Clean Technology

Shape a greener future with Ontario’s cleantech sector, where breakthroughs in solar, hydrogen, biofuel, and water technologies are driving environmental progress. From the world's first all-electric underground mine to pioneering energy storage solutions, Ontario offers a fertile ground for cleantech investment and innovation. 

Semiconductors and electronics manufacturing

Pioneer the next chip breakthrough in Ontario, where global leaders like TSMC, AMD, and Qualcomm congregate to advance semiconductor technologies and produce state-of-the-art electronics. Unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation by leveraging Ontario's dynamic R&D ecosystem, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and vast market potential.

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