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Explore Ontario, a premier four-season travel destination fuelled by millions of tourists annually. With a thriving domestic scene and many attractions, Ontario offers endless investment opportunities in its booming tourism industry.

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An established industry with boundless opportunities

Uncover Ontario's year-round tourism allure, captivating both domestic and international visitors alike. From renowned attractions like Niagara Falls to the CN Tower, Ontario welcomes global tourists while enticing domestic travelers with its diverse landscapes and recreational opportunities. With over half of Canada's visits directed here, Ontario's natural wonders, including 250,000 lakes and the Great Lakes, offer ample opportunities for both domestic and international tourism-driven businesses to thrive.

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Ontario: Accessible by air, rail, road, and water

Ontario offers modern transportation infrastructure, including international airports and national and regional rail systems, ensuring seamless travel experiences for tourists. With a vast network of highways spanning 16,900 kilometers (approximately 10,501.17 miles), navigating within the province is convenient and efficient. Whether arriving by air, rail, or road, visitors find accessibility to various destinations effortless, thanks to Ontario's well-connected transportation network.

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When I first saw the site—nine acres on the waterfront in downtown Toronto waiting to be developed—I was blown away. It was so special. I could not resist it. I do not think there is anything like it in the world. Within the next three years I am hoping to build another hotel on the site, similar in size to Hotel X Toronto.

Henry Kallan

President and Founder of Hotel X and Library Hotel Collection

Ontario: A World of Opportunities

Leverage Ontario's multicultural landscape, providing access to a diverse consumer market enriched by international influences. Experience the thriving demand for global products and cultural experiences, where companies can capitalize on promising opportunities. Explore renowned cultural hubs like Little Italy and Chinatown, reflecting Ontario's vibrant international representation and culinary diversity, enriching the consumer experience and expanding business prospects.

Empowering Tourism Success in Ontario

Experience Ontario's dedication to ensuring your tourism investments flourish. Benefit from personalized support and tailored incentive programs designed to drive your success. Through strategic partnerships with regional tourism organizations, our commitment is to amplify and promote investments in Ontario's tourism sector. Explore funding opportunities such as the Experience Ontario 2024 to further elevate your ventures.

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My dream was to bring a world class attraction to a world class city— an accessible 60-minute drive for 10 million residents, with millions more visitors a year. After a rigorous search, we found the perfect home to invest in, right in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge and Dundas. [This is] the multi-cultural intersection of Canada and steps from the biggest resident and tourist markets in the country. The perfect place to evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and connection to Canada.

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer

Founder and President Little Canada

Ontario's Tourism & Hospitality Education Programs

Highlighting the breadth of Ontario's tourism industry, these colleges and universities reflect the presence of a well-trained workforce across various sectors including accommodation, food and beverage, recreation, entertainment, travel services, and transportation.

Leading Tourism & Hospitality Giants in Ontario 

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