Discover the power of collaborative innovation in Ontario, the home to the discovery of insulin and stem cells, and the largest life sciences jurisdiction in Canada. Hospitals, research centers, universities, technology incubators, start-ups and multinationals working together has created a dynamic ecosystem for groundbreaking discoveries, life changing clinical trials, and manufacturing capacity to scale. Ontario's life sciences sector offers unparalleled opportunities for companies changing the face of healthcare.

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life sciences jurisdiction in Canada with largest concentration of clinical trials


invested in R&D by Ontario’s research hospitals


life sciences workers in Ontario in 2022


of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies by revenue are conducting clinical trials in Ontario


Ontario life sciences firms (44% of Canada’s total)

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largest concentration of Pharma companies in the Greater Toronto Area

Biopharma and vaccines

Explore Ontario's vibrant biopharmaceutical sector to turbocharge your investment strategy. Tap into Ontario's position as a global vaccine manufacturing hub, with key players like Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi and Pfizer. Benefit from collaborative innovation driving innovative advancements and rapid commercialization. Experience robust revenue opportunities and access a highly skilled workforce, ensuring your investments are primed for success. Engage directly with top research institutions and shape the future of biopharmaceuticals in Ontario alongside industry leaders.

CDMO and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Maximize your investment potential in Ontario's pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. With global CDMO giants such as Lonza, Catalent, and an emerging Canada's largest cell and gene therapy CDMO, OmniaBio, alongside $53.6 billion in pharmaceuticals revenue in 2022 and strategic market opportunities, Ontario offers a competitive environment for CDMOs and pharmaceutical companies. Engage with top-tier talent and leading research institutions to chart your path to success in Ontario's dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

Digital Health and Medical Technology

Dive into the vibrant ecosystem of medtech and digital health innovation in Ontario, where groundbreaking discoveries and top-tier tech talent converge to shape the future of healthcare. With a rich history of transformative advancements and access to over 420,000 ICT workers, Ontario offers fertile ground for investors seeking to drive innovation. Experience firsthand the strategic importance of AI, as highlighted by Ontario business leaders, with 51% of executives acknowledging its crucial role in achieving business objectives. Engage with top-tier talent and tap into collaborative networks to fuel your investment journey in this dynamic sector, leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize healthcare.

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Ontario is home to some of the world's leading academic institutions, research centers, hospitals, and innovation hubs, and boasts top talent in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data and analytics, and software and infrastructure engineering. Companies like Roche continue to invest in this vibrant life sciences ecosystem because of the talent here, the collaborative environment, and because there is a deep-seated willingness to work locally and globally to innovate for maximum impact.

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President & CEO, Roche Canada Pharma

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