Ontario’s medtech cluster supports a vibrant industry, innovating and developing a wide range of medical technologies used in the treatment, mitigation, diagnosis and prevention of disease.

It boasts an impressive and growing diversity of companies in terms of size, focus, product and maturity level. Ontario has global-leading health research facilities and highly skilled talent, along with a stellar medtech ecosystem to support innovation that benefits patients, companies and society.

Neurologists/Neuroscientists Surrounded by Monitors Showing CT, MRI Scans

Ontario’s Medtech Industry by the Numbers

Over 30,000
Medtech employees
Almost 1,300
Medtech companies
in Medtech revenues
in yearly exports

Secure your place in the future. That place is in Ontario

The medtech landscape is leading the shift from “sick care” to patient-centred “health care,” and companies from start-ups to well-established medtech firms are choosing Ontario as a base from which to lead the revolution.

Global players like Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Stryker, and Johnson & Johnson are here, just to name just a few. In all, there are 30,200 people working in this sector at almost 1,300 companies that collectively earn $18.7 billion in revenues annually.

The medtech sector in Ontario benefits from the skilled talent, competitive incentives, politically stable economy and open collaboration among startups, multinationals, academic and research institutes, incubators, clinics and government. What else would your business need to succeed?

Woman behind a microscope: technology can benefit medical devices.

Why should Ontario be on your business expansion shortlist?

Ontario is the ideal testbed for your technologies and strategic partnerships.

Companies, both big and small, are choosing Ontario based in part on access to an array of academic and research institutes and industry incubators. For example, there are 17 Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) across Ontario that help connect medtech developers like you with award-winning researchers to conduct pre-market clinical testing of advanced health technologies. The RICs also provide value-added advice, access to capital, market intelligence, mentoring and peer networking programs—so your business will always be supported by the top minds in medtech and beyond.

Ontario’s research-intensive hospitals have invested as much as $1.73 billion in R&D. Medical technologies are used widely in our hospitals, clinics and universities. Ontario companies of all sizes successfully sell directly to the Canadian market, including major OEMs, hospitals, teaching hospitals and academic institutes.

Humber River Hospital, North America’s first all-digital hospital
In 2017, Humber River Hospital in Toronto announced the opening of its new Command Centre. Powered by artificial intelligence, the system is meant to help physicians and administrators spot delays so they can optimize patient flows. While Humber River Hospital was already North America’s first fully digital acute care hospital, the Command Centre catapults it into another class entirely.

In Ontario, medtech companies gain access to a multi-billion dollar single-payer health care system, 187 million customers within a day’s drive and world-renowned innovators in AI, quantum research, the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.

Ontario possesses a wealth of capabilities to support the development of a robust medtech sector. Medtech innovators in Ontario not only improve patient outcomes for Canadian and international citizens, they’re highly trained, have access to world-class R&D resources, and are equipped to tap into the medtech markets in Canada and worldwide.

—Nicole DeKort, President and CEO, Medtech Canada