Ontario is Canada’s powerhouse for cleantech growth, and where the major advances in cleantech innovation are taking place.

Ontario has leaders in solar, hydrogen, biofuels, electric vehicles and smart energy technologies—though perhaps best known for its expertise in water technology. Many of the biggest breakthroughs in water remediation have come from Ontario, including UV disinfection and membrane filtration, two of the most widely used technologies in the quest for clean water.

The province is also home to the world’s first all-electric, battery-powered underground mine, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions associated with moving materials. You can be confident that by locating your business in Ontario, you are part of an ecosystem at the forefront of environmental progress.

Ontario boasts a number of world-leading research institutes and technology incubators focused specifically on cleantech, as well as some of the best R&D incentives to be found anywhere. Our latest initiative is EaRTH District—a collaboration between the University of Toronto and Centennial College that’s advancing the cleantech sector’s development through research, academic programming and commercialization.

Ontario has developed a cluster of mines and mining expertise that is leading the world in underground electrification.

John Mullally,
Senior Director of Sustainability and External Relations, Newmont

Ontario’s Cleantech Industry by the Numbers

Cleantech sector in Canada
in terms of employment, exports and GDP contribution
cleantech and environment companies
contribution to GDP
Ontario companies
on the 2023 Global Cleantech 100
water technology incubators
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5 innovative Ontario companies on the 2021 Global Cleantech 100

Ontario companies are leading innovation in cleantech

Ontario’s cleantech companies are helping organizations and communities around the world implement effective, efficient solutions to tough environmental challenges.

From mitigating the impacts of climate change and urbanization to delivering clean drinking water, Ontario’s cleantech industry is at the forefront of sustainable development.

Here are some examples of leading companies that call the province home:

Cummins is implementing fuel cell and hydrogen systems to help customers shift power to a cleaner energy future.

eCAMION, a Toronto based company is pioneer in enabling flexible battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy management solutions.

e-Zinc is Toronto based company developing an innovative electrochemical technology for storing energy in zinc metal. It is a low-cost, flexible, and long-duration energy storage solution that provides an opportunity for energy markets to be fully powered by renewable energy, enabling a zero-carbon energy future.

Hydrostor is a Toronto-based company that has developed an energy storage solution that addresses intermittent (solar and wind) load balancing, reserve capacity and peak-shaving.

Nuvation Energy’s Energy Storage Design Centre based in Waterloo provides battery management systems, energy controllers and engineering services to battery manufacturers and energy storage system developers.

Pond Technologies is a Markham-based venture that utilizes microalgae to convert the CO2 emissions of major industrial emitters into biofuel, through photosynthesis, and ultimately into bio-oil and biodiesel.

Silfab Solar is a Mississauga-based company that produces high-efficiency photovoltaic modules for solar power generation.

Trojan Technologies is a London-based firm behind the development of leading water treatment solutions using UV light, which are used around the world. Trojan provides products and services designed to make various stages of the water treatment process more effective, efficient and sustainable.


Ontario offers an amazing support system for cleantech companies

Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OCTIA) works to promote, foster, and grow Ontario’s clean technology sector.

Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) represents more than 200 companies, providing environmental products, technologies and services to government and industry.

The Ontario Water Consortium (OWC) provides real world technology demonstration opportunities and encourages collaboration between private companies and academic researchers to accelerate and commercialize innovative water technologies.

Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) represents organizations and individuals directly involved in the development and application of wind, solar and energy storage technologies, products and services.

Energy Storage Canada is a membership-based organization that advances the energy storage industry in Canada through collaboration, education, policy advocacy and research.

Hydrogen Business Council (HBC) is a community bringing together knowledge and opportunities to realize the benefits of hydrogen energy.

BioIndustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) is a leading business accelerator for sustainable chemistry, creating a successful foundation to support two emerging hybrid chemistry clusters in Ontario.