Invest in Ontario for cost-effective business operations, a sophisticated supply chain, seamless access to U.S. consumers, and enhanced global market connectivity. Ontario can be your foothold into North American operations. 

Ontario's Economic Diversity 

Ontario offers a diverse economic landscape, strategically located in North America. The Greater Toronto Area, an economic powerhouse within Ontario and beyond, plays a pivotal role in driving economic activity. This strategic positioning gives businesses many opportunities within Ontario and beyond its borders.

Tax and Trade Stats


One of the lowest corporate tax rates (25%) for manufacturers amongst the Great Lake States


Access to global markets through 50+ trade agreements


savings on health care costs compared to peers in the US


million consumers within a day's drive of GTA

Competitive Corporate Tax Rates 

Ontario offers highly competitive corporate tax rates, standing at just 25% for manufacturers compared to neighboring Great Lake States. This advantageous tax environment offers a compelling edge for businesses aiming to establish or grow their operations within the province. 

Access to Global Trade Agreements 

Leverage Ontario's trade agreements with 50 countries, representing nearly 1.5 billion consumers and two-thirds of the global economy. Enjoy reduced trade tariffs, simplified cross-border transactions, and expanded market access, facilitating the growth of a robust and adaptable supply chain.

Healthcare Cost Advantage

Businesses operating in Ontario save an average of 51% on healthcare-related expenses compared to their counterparts in the US. This significant financial benefit adds to the attractiveness of establishing or expanding operations in Ontario.

Central North American Gateway

Position your business strategically in the heart of North America, granting direct access to over 194 million consumers within a day's drive from the Greater Toronto Area. With Pearson International Airport, the continent's second busiest for international traffic, this location guarantees unmatched connectivity for businesses aiming for a competitive edge.

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Magna’s roots in Ontario run deep, and we are excited about opening a new facility dedicated to a strategic electrification product. The Brampton facility, coupled with investment and growth in five existing [regional] Ontario facilities, allows Magna to keep up with customer demands across several product areas. We are excited to bring new business, more investment and additional jobs to Ontario.

Eric Wilds

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Magna International

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