Businesses in Ontario can rely on a strong and democratic economy. Amidst the market volatility and pressures facing global businesses today, Ontario is a jurisdiction you can count on.

Harnessing the strength of a stable economy

Recognized as one of the world's most stable economies, Canada's robust economic and political environment sets the stage for prosperous investments. Ontario's economy provides a secure foundation for businesses to thrive and grow.

Canada's Top Global Rankings in 
Economic and Political Stability


in the G7 and #4 in the G20 for financial system soundness


among G7 countries for political stability


in the G7 for low corruption


among G7 countries for market sophistication

Secure and Prosperous: Ontario's Political Environment

Rely on stability and integrity as you consider Ontario for your next investment. Canada ranks #2 among G7 countries for political stability and #2 in the G7 for low corruption, positioning Ontario as a trusted destination for businesses seeking reliability and transparency. With Canada also ranking 11th on the Global Peace Index 2023, Ontario offers a secure and prosperous backdrop for long-term investment and economic growth. Choose Ontario and invest with confidence in a province renowned for its stability and competitive business landscape.

Leverage Ontario's Dynamic Economy

Explore the resilience and diversity of Ontario's economy, where traditional industries and cutting-edge sectors converge to drive innovation and growth. Canada's economic strategy has propelled it to #1 in the G20 for fiscal soundness further enhancing Ontario's reputation as a stable and prosperous business hub. Access Ontario's steady GDP growth, employment stability, and robust economic indicators to support your business expansion.

Navigating through Ontario’s business landscape

Experience the advantages of a stable banking system that paves the way for business success. Investors and customers alike can trust Canada's top banks, such as Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto-Dominion Bank, renowned for their high ratings and unwavering commitment to sound financial practices. Their strong track record and dominance in the World's Safest Banks list for North America ensure sector stability and inspire confidence in the financial landscape.

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