International Trade and Investment Offices

The Government of Ontario, Canada operates a network of International Trade and Investment Offices, located in Canadian diplomatic Missions around the world.

Travaillant en étroite collaboration avec des partenaires fédéraux, provinciaux et municipaux canadiens, ces bureaux contribuent au rayonnement de l’Ontario et établissent des relations commerciales sur les principaux marchés mondiaux. Ils font la promotion des exportations de l’Ontario, et attirent de nouvelles entreprises, de nouveaux bureaux et de nouvelles installations dans la province.

Our services:

Promote exports from Ontario

  • Profile Ontario products and services to foreign buyers and intermediaries
  • Provide data and intelligence on the economy, business environment and opportunities in key global markets
  • Organize pre-qualified meetings for Ontario companies with foreign business contacts and companies
  • Collaborate with Ontario and international partners to deliver incoming and outgoing export related missions

Attract new companies, offices and facilities to Ontario

  • Profile Ontario to foreign companies as a prime location for a North American office or facility
  • Providing data and intelligence on Ontario’s economy, business costs and opportunities
  • Offer coordinated connections to government, institutional, and private sector partners to facilitate an investment project
  • Organize investor visits to Ontario
  • Undertake post-investment support and coordination with Ontario partners
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International Trade and Investment Offices



Region: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Mr. Earl Provost

Mr. Benjamin Garrow
Commercial Officer


Region: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas

Mr. Jag Badwal

Mr. Rob McCrossan
Senior Commercial Officer

Mexico City

Mr. Jose Abad Puelles
Senior Economic Officer

Mr. Christophe Chaffat
Senior Commercial Officer

New York

Region: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Mr. Aaron Pinto
Senior Economic Officer
Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario)

Ms. Charley Ford
Senior Commercial Officer

San Francisco

Region: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington State

Ms. Chelsea Peet
Senior Economic Officer
Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario)

Ms. Marisa Goepel
Senior Commercial Officer

Washington D.C.

Region: Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

Mr. David W. Paterson
Ontario’s Representative in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Robert Capecchi
Policy Officer



Ms. Ginger Jiang
Senior Commercial Officer – Beijing


Mr. Digvijay Mehra
Senior Economic Officer
Consul (Commercial – Ontario)

Mr. Ravikant Tiwari
Senior Commercial Officer – Mumbai

Mr. Kapil Malhotra
Senior Commercial Officer – New Delhi


Mr. Jason Insu Park
Senior Economic Officer

Mr. Kye An
Senior Commercial Officer


Mr. Christian Howes
Senior Economic Officer

Ms. Yasuko Kii
Senior Commercial Officer



Region: United Kingdom

Ms. Sophia Arvanitis

Mr. Latham French
Senior Economic Officer
Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario)

Ms. Elin Aryan
Senior Commercial Officer


Region: Germany and Austria

Mr. Ernst Lueger
Senior Economic Officer

Ms. Angela Spreng
Senior Commercial Officer


Region: France and Belgium

Ms. Pamela Kanter
Senior Economic Officer
Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario)

Mr. Yann Le Borgne
Senior Commercial Officer



Mr. Hugo Cameron
International Representation Branch

Mr. Akhil Tyagi
TIO Network Unit (Europe and Asia)

Mr. Philipp Kornitzky
Team Lead
TIO Network Unit (Europe)

Ms. Mariya Samoylova
Team Lead
TIO Network Unit (Asia)

Mr. Rajiv Prasad
TIO Network Unit (Americas)

Ms. Sylvia Mills
Team Lead
TIO Network Unit (Americas)

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