Ontario’s workforce is known for its excellence, bolstered by a highly educated population surpassing most OECD countries in  educational attainment. Businesses in the province can leverage this advantage to navigate challenges, drive innovation and maintain competitiveness.

Unlocking Ontario’s Talent

Ontario offers a skilled and diverse workforce, driven by a focus on innovation and reflecting a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to enrich your business environment. With inclusive immigration programmes like Global Skills Strategy- which provides a 10-business day window to process work permits, the province empowers you with a global talent pool, ensuring your business has the skilled individuals it needs to succeed. Partner with Ontario to leverage this valuable resource and propel your business forward on the global stage.

A skillful impact


Ontario universities among the world's top 100 for graduate employability


of working age adults possess a post-secondary education


annual STEM graduates


Business days to process work permits eligible under the Global Skills Strategy

Workforce Readiness

Ontario is home to four universities ranked among the world's top 100 for graduate employability. With one of the world most highly educated populations, 74% of working-age adults aged 25-64 in Ontario hold post-secondary education qualifications, surpassing that of any other OECD country.

Prominent STEM Graduates

Ontario boasts the highest number of STEM graduates in Canada, with an annual total of 70,000, signaling its prominence in fostering talent and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.


Inclusive Talent Acquisition through Immigration

Ontario fosters an inclusive immigration approach, enabling smooth transitions for executives and employees relocating to our province. Collaboration between federal and provincial governments allow businesses to easily relocate skilled talent, ensuring continued success in the global marketplace while accessing world-class talent locally here, in Ontario. 

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The Canadian government made a smart move to offer the new fast track visa program (Global Skills Strategy). Tech companies’ hiring timelines work in six-week—not six-month intervals—because things move fast. We need to hire quickly to help meet our ambitious goals for growth, so speed is of the essence.

Kathryn Hume

VP of Product and Strategy, integrate.ai

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