BlueWave-ai's technology on a laptop
BlueWave-ai's technology on a laptop

Meet some of the brilliant minds from the province’s 2021 event roster

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we think about our future. Over the last year, we have seen innovation accelerate, bringing new and emerging technologies to the forefront in a race to build a better tomorrow.

According to a new study done by McKinsey Global Institute, the digitization of products and services has taken a quantum leap forward—sometimes advancing their timeline by up to seven years.

Future-proofing innovations

It has become evident that to stay competitive in this new marketplace, companies have to adopt and adapt—and do it fast.

Here in Ontario, Canada, we are no stranger to living on the cutting-edge. In fact, we’ve been thinking ahead of the curve for centuries. We call it future-proofing—and the companies that attended this year’s Collision conference are only a handful of the many businesses across the province that are building a new era of innovation.

Premium access to Ontario’s brightest

Ontario was proud to send 65 companies to this year’s Collision conference. With a healthy mix of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises, our tech talent was on full display.

From green energy to advancements in life sciences, meet some of the rising stars who represented Ontario at Collision 2021.

Ontario in cleantech: The future is green

Just a few years ago, the idea of “going green” invoked thoughts of tie-dye and granola. But today, it’s synonymous with sustainability; and both corporations and society know that a green lifestyle is quickly becoming not only the norm but a necessity.

Ontario’s cleantech industry is one of the most advanced in the world. Our companies are working to help organizations and communities tackle tough environmental challenges through efficient solutions.

  1. BluWave-ai is focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide. Their solutions apply artificial intelligence to optimize the cost, availability and reliability of different renewable and non-renewable energy sources in real-time. This technology lets their customers (communities, corporations and utility companies) improve their energy decisions to increase sustainability, reliability and affordability.
  2. IPM Scoutek, new to Ontario’s cleantech scene, is a digital software startup that builds innovative technology to help greenhouses meet the challenge of ensuring healthy crops by managing pests and disease. The software uses real-time data to measure the impact of sprays, reducing the reliance on dangerous chemicals and optimizing crop yield. Currently being used in six countries globally, IPM’s software is a cost-effective way to manage greenhouse production.
IPM Scoutek
IPM Scoutek’s digital greenhouse software

Ontario in medtech: Building a healthier tomorrow

With the future of healthcare top of mind, firms from around the globe are working tirelessly to ensure we have the technology we need to live a healthier tomorrow.

And it’s no surprise that Ontario is spearheading these advancements. Our medtech landscape is leading the shift from “sick care” to patient-centred “health care,” and companies from startups to well-established firms are choosing Ontario as a base from which to lead the revolution.

  1. Skinopathy is creating artificial intelligence, augmented reality and automation technologies that will offer the public and medical community practical, reliable and state-of-the-art skin cancer and skin disease mitigation tools.

    Their first service,, is already helping patients connect with specialists through its virtual platform. Through a mix of online platforms, data and AI software and intuitive applications, Skinopathy helps patients catch and treat a variety of skin conditions before they become troublesome and helps to deliver insights to cancer researchers.
The Skinopathy team
  1. Kayan Health is changing the way patients manage their well-being by redefining their healthcare journey.

    The SaaS-based platform enables patients to triage their symptoms, integrates with wearable and smart-health devices, and brings their vital data into a holistic profile. This allows them to continuously monitor their own health and get access to medical advice when necessary. In addition, the platform helps doctors and clinics streamline remote patient monitoring and communications, delivering a patient-centred approach to medicine.
Kayan Health
The Kayan Health app on a mobile phone

Ontario in robotics: You’ve got drone mail

With brick and mortar stores being forced to close during the pandemic and the world moving into an increasingly digital space, online shopping has become the retail platform of choice—and one Ontario-based company wants to make your delivery experience one to remember.

  1. DiamondV’s fully automated drone delivery provides a seamless experience for both vendor and consumer—the first of its kind in Canada. Drone delivery offers clean, affordable and fast access to local businesses, and DiamondV is partnering with companies to allow automated pickups from multiple vendors for delivery to the same consumer. More importantly, the service includes biometric authentication options for deliveries where security is important.
DiamondV drone technology

Ontario, Canada: Where innovation and discovery collide

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