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Imagine a future where you can walk into a hotel, train station or tourism centre and a virtual concierge provides you with personalized, local recommendations based on how you’re feeling in real time. That future exists now. Chillwall’s deep learning AI provides a human-like visitor discovery experience based on a user’s location, interests and mood, connecting people from their digital interface to the real world.

Chillwall AI is a data intelligence firm located in Toronto. Its founders Michael Campanelli MBA and Dr. Ian Knowles have developed remarkable machine learning algorithms to power Chillwall AI’s artificial intelligence platform. Their proprietary AI, named BETTY, learns from numeric and linguistic data; to find patterns and identify personalized opportunities.

Our AI platform knows what each person wants before they realize they want it.

Discovery My Way, Chillwall AI’s new disruptive Virtual Concierge enables personal discovery by how the user feels. “Growth will be focused around creating a transformational visitor experience for hotels and tourism, increasing revenue spend followed by retail,” says Michael Campanelli. This service takes the form of a concierge widget that can be embedded into any digital platform, including a business’s website with only a couple of lines of code.

We have focused on the part of the personality that drives curiosity, and on converting that curiosity into desire to go experience and enjoy.

The service has the potential to revolutionize the way people search for unique local experiences such as festivals, cooking classes or new restaurants, which is conventionally done by scrolling through endless lists of blog posts or event calendars in the hope of finding one that seems interesting. The founders at Chillwall AI understand that the majority of experience-based purchases are carried out on an emotional level, so they have designed their concierge to discover and interact with users. From there, BETTY’s deep learning capabilities develop an understanding of the visitor’s interests and passions just as a human concierge would, in order to recommend experiences tailored to how they feel. Michael Campanelli describes this process as “discovery without search” and the way forward for experience-based discovery platforms.

The Experience Economy

Chillwall’s AI innovation fits in seamlessly with the shift towards an experience-oriented economy. According to a study conducted by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics, a staggering 74 per cent of Americans now prioritize experiences over products or things. Spending money on travel, concerts, and other tourist related activities brings more lasting joy and fulfillment than spending money on material possessions. Experiences are also easier to share with friends over social media, which is important to younger generations. For example, it is more engaging to share pictures and stories from a hike or cooking class than it is to show pictures of a newly purchased TV. Chillwall’s founders are looking towards the shifting consumer landscape and aligning their business model with this new trillion-dollar experience-focused market.

Chillwall’s ability to meet the needs of this new consumer economy is made possible through their proprietary AI, which allows them to “process millions of calculations very quickly through light data models.” Chillwall acknowledges the support they’ve received from various accelerators as well as the Ontario government. The company is a graduate of the World’s Top 5 Accelerator: University of Waterloo linked AC Accelerator. “There is tremendous support from the Ontario government, which means that you can get your business launched and supported by experts,” states Campanelli.

Predictive AI scaled down to a personal level will have a disruptive effect on the way we interact with our living spaces and bring about a new era of augmented reality. In the case of Chillwall AI this means “a better visitor experience, more visitors, longer stays, and for the very first-time, real insights into how people feel when they’re discovering their cities.”

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