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Each October, companies around the world gear up for the annual MedTech conference – one of the biggest and most renowned of its kind. But this year, things will be a bit different.

Originally slated to be held in the province of Ontario, Canada, the all-digital, conference will play host to over 1,000 attendees in a virtual setting – the first of its kind for MedTech.

Ontario is proud to be bringing 17 of the best and brightest in our medtech sector to participate in this year’s conference.

With over 29,000 people working in Ontario’s vibrant medtech community, spanning across more than 1,300 companies, the province has one of the most unique and collaborative innovation ecosystems on the planet.

Re-imagining MedTech in a COVID-19 World

The medical technology industry has played a pivotal role in the global response to the COVID-19 crisis.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has created challenges in the sector – but it has also generated opportunities for products and services that strengthen our crisis resilience and help plan for a future of recovery.

Ontario is no exception.

Many companies participating in this year’s MedTech conference boast products that provide relief to frontline workers and make tracking personal health more accessible.

For example, Curiato out of Waterloo, Ontario, is pioneering a non-invasive patient monitoring platform.  The platform relies on a “smart bed” cover, that converts any hospital bed into a smart bed, and continuously monitors the interaction between the patient and the surface of their bed.  Their vision is to use patient insights to create an ecosystem of clinical content in areas of pressure injuries, infectious disease, cardiology, burns, and robotic surgery.

Likewise, Ottawa’s Brighter Sight is making patient care easier through the use of wearable technology. The company develops software for wearable devices worn by first responders. The technology allows them to receive and process patient information faster, while also documenting their activities through a touchless, or low touch system.

Ontario’s Thriving MedTech Sector

In Ontario, business, academia and government work together to drive revolutionary ideas to market – that’s what makes our medtech sector so unique.

The province is home to Canada’s largest center for life sciences activity, as well as over 300 AI firms working at the cutting edge of medical technology innovation and science, such as BlueDot, Cyclica and Deep Genomics.

It’s no wonder other industry leaders such as Medtronic, Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, and GE Healthcare, just to name a few, call Ontario home.

And with our welcoming immigration climate, Ontario’s talent pool is made up of diverse skill-sets and expertise.

Visit to learn more about how the province is revolutionizing and re-shaping the life sciences industry for a better tomorrow.

We hope to welcome you to Ontario live and in person for MedTech 2022.

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