CloudConstable’s Animated Virtual Agent (AVA) technology at the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum
CloudConstable’s Animated Virtual Agent (AVA) technology at the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum

Companies across the province working on pandemic-related solutions

If there is one thing the Ontario business community has learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the world doesn’t stop turning, even in the middle of a crisis. They say “the show must go on,” and that is exactly what major events like Collision, originally set to be hosted in Toronto, are doing.

For the first time ever, Collision will be fully digital – and there has been a shift in focus. The conference will still showcase the most brilliant tech minds from around the world, but the biggest question on everyone’s lips will be ‘how we can harness the power of technology to combat COVID-19?’ Ontario is bringing a stellar roster of talented companies to Collision to help provide the answer.

During a time of global uncertainty, many of Ontario’s tech companies have made the decision to pivot their business model to focus on products and services that directly contribute to the fight against COVID-19. From healthcare to travel, here are some of the Ontario companies participating in Collision who are creating a force for change.

Building a Healthier Tomorrow

Protecting our most vulnerable has always been a top priority in Ontario, and as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, many companies are focused on building technology that keeps our citizens safe.

Based in Toronto, MoviWearMed has developed a new medical platform that allows 24/7 virtual patient monitoring. Paired with the 5G NurtureWatch, the robust cloud-based platform measures vital signs in live format, promptly alerting to changes in a patient’s overall health; this could include a change in heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation. The real-time monitoring makes it possible for doctors to check on patients at home, limiting their exposure to COVID-19, as well as helping them to maintain physical distance.

Similarly, healthcare practitioners are looking for innovative ways to care for their residents who are living in long-term care homes. Writi Virtual Healthcare does just that with their order management platform. The all-in-one platform supports on-demand virtual consults, remote prescribing, progress notes, and nurse order processing, eliminating unnecessary paperwork so residents can get the treatment they need quickly. The product has recently been implemented at a long-term care facility in Brampton, Ontario, where some residents tested positive for COVID-19. Senior management at the home have praised Writi, saying it has helped them with the pressures of operating through a pandemic.

Keeping Travellers in the Know

When Sitata first detected COVID-19 back in December 2019, they were quick to issue a warning to travellers. The app was originally designed to help vacationers manage their trip itinerary, avoid travel disruptions, and connect people to the help they need. For example, the app can find a local doctor, or alert a traveller to flight changes, airline strikes, local protests and widespread diseases, such as COVID.

Based on the growing need of travellers to assess the COVID-19 situation abroad, Sitata used their machine learning capabilities to develop a “COVID Checker” website. The AI technology monitors breaking news and social media feeds to provide up to date travel information for each country.

Sitata has recently partnered with Flight Centre, giving travel agents around the world access to the data compiled by their COVID Checker so they can alert clients of travel restrictions. They also have some opportunities with major airlines in the works, changing the way people travel in a post-pandemic world.

Rejuvenating the Economy Safely

To help boost the economy after the pandemic, cities and companies need to be smart in how they re-open their doors to the public, keeping workers and visitors safe. CloudConstable is introducing a touchless, self service COVID-19 assessment process that will use facial recognition capabilities and a natural voice and vision-based interface to screen for potential COVID-19 symptoms in high-traffic areas.

CloudConstable’s Animated Virtual Agent (AVA) technology is already being put to use at the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum in Oshawa, Ontario to help sign in members and check them for potential COVID-19 symptoms. The AVA technology, nicknamed “Master Corporal Lana” by the Museum, asks employees routine questions surrounding their health and COVID-19. It also has the capability to take a person’s temperature using an infrared scanner. Soon, Master Corporal Lana will be greeting visitors at the Museum, checking their temperature, asking screening questions, and providing COVID-19 mitigation reminders to help keep the community safe.

Ontario: Where Innovation and Discovery Collide

Ontario is proudly sending 67 companies to the Collision From Home conference, and the companies mentioned above are just a taste of the fantastic array of tech talent coming out of the province.

It’s no surprise that during the COVID-19 pandemic, our companies have stepped up in true Ontario fashion to work tirelessly towards solutions benefitting the greater good, exhibiting true Canadian values.

To learn more about what Ontario’s thriving tech scene has to offer, or to schedule a virtual meeting with one of the Collision participants, visit us online.

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