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Exceptional ecosystems, top talent and transformative investments are among the top five reasons Ontario, Canada should be on your shortlist

Stefano Sanguigni, Director, Invest Ontario
By Stefano Sanguigni,
Director, Invest Ontario

Location, location, location. It’s an adage everyone knows but few understand quite like a Site Selector. Choosing the right location for your clients is a complex process that requires meticulous analysis of multiple factors. From workforce diversity and access to market, to energy costs and quality of life, there’s a lot to evaluate. Let’s break down the top five reasons Ontario, Canada should be on your shortlist.

  1. Your clients can benefit by joining the exceptional ecosystems around our recent, most notable investments in the life sciences, technology and advanced manufacturing sectors, including more than $17 billion in auto and electric vehicle (EV) deals and the recent Volkswagen announcement. Your clients deserve the best so put them in one of the top locations in North America. Ontario ranked #3 for FDI into North America by capital investment and #4 for FDI into North America by project numbers in fDi Intelligence’s latest Global Greenfield Investment Trends.
  2. We have the talent your clients need. Our workforce is smart and highly skilled, with 71% of Ontario adults possessing a post-secondary education. That’s higher than any OECD country. Ontario produces 65,000 STEM grads per year from 48 colleges and universities including University of Waterloo graduates who are the second most frequently hired by Silicon Valley companies. Your clients also get access to the world’s best talent through the Ontario Immigrant Nomination Program and Canada’s Global Skills Strategy. No wonder LG Energy Solutions and Stellantis chose to invest $5 billion in Ontario to build their new large-scale electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant.
  3. Your clients can save on some of their biggest business costs, including 15-30% lower labour costs compared to the United State due to exchange rates, lower operating costs and universal healthcare. Ontario has a competitive corporate tax rate, and electricity rates in Ontario for larger industrial consumers are priced at or below the equivalent rates in neighbouring Great Lakes states. In fact, medium-size and larger industrial and commercial employers save 15-17% on average on their electricity bills. With 94% of Ontario’s electricity generation coming from clean sources in 2020, it’s easy to understand why ArcelorMittal Dofasco invested $1.8 billion to make green steel in Ontario, Canada.
  4. Put your clients in the centre of it all. Strategically located in the heart of North America, by choosing Ontario your clients get access to more than 194 million consumers within a day’s drive of the Greater Toronto Area and easy access to Ontario’s 300 regional airports and major highways and 14 border crossings to the United States. It’s clear to see why Stellantis invested $3.6 billion to make Ontario, Canada their central hub for R&D operations in North America and serve the company’s worldwide needs.
  5. When all the other criteria have been met, what matters most to your clients is how happy their employees are. To attract exceptional individuals, you must provide them with an exceptional place to reside. Ontario’s cities frequently rank as some of the most desirable locations to live and work in the world, thanks to our exceptional public education system, top-notch healthcare facilities, efficient public transportation, and world-class entertainment and tourist destinations. Don’t take our word for it, check out our top investments for 2022/23 and see why so many companies chose Ontario, Canada.

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